Watch The Ubuntu Online Summit Here as Developers Share What to Expect in The Upcoming Snappy Ubuntu Core 16

With Canonical’s Ubuntu Online summit kicking off yesterday, details of what we are to expect from the software company’s plans are slowly reaching our ears.
We’ve already learned that Ubuntu 16.10 dubbed Yakkety Yak won’t be shipping with the eagerly awaited Unity 8 desktop environment as its default session but according to Will Cooke, both Unity 8 and Mir will available as an alternative session for those that like to get “their hands dirty.” The option to select either Mir or Unity 8 will be available to users straight from the login screen.
Furthermore, We have also been made aware of the new things to expect in the upcoming Snappy Ubuntu Core 16 operating system which is scheduled for release in the coming weeks.
Previously planned to be an extension to Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet, Snappy Ubuntu Core has seen a tremendous amount of change since then and the company promised that huge improvements have been for the upcoming version of the software.

Some of the new features are being added to Snappy Ubuntu Core 16 are two optimized separate partitions named /boot and /writable, both of which are storage centres for snaps as the entire operating is build using snap technology.
The developers also added a new bootloader logic that makes switching from Snap, OS and Kernel simple. Canonical also mentioned more apps using the Snap packaging will be available for both the Ubuntu desktop OS and Server platforms.
Supported devices and architectures are Raspberry Pi 2 and DragonBoard 410c,and also for the 32-bit (i386) and 64-bit (amd64) hardware. Watch the 50-minute long session here:

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