Dash Browser Coming to Ubuntu Touch in The Nearer Future

With the Ubuntu Online Summit in full swing, we have learned interesting things that Canonical and its hardworking developers are vying to bring Ubuntu users of every level.
Already we have learned about few interesting things coming in the later part of this year. We already know that Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak won’t be shipping with Unity 8 as its default desktop environment as well as Mir Server. Additionally, more light has been shed on what we are to expect from Snappy Ubuntu Core 16.

Today during the Google Plus session attended by David Callé, David Callé, Alejandro J. Cura, Paty Davila, Marcus Tomlinson, Stephanie Wilson, Alex Milazzo, and Pawel Stolowski) all of whom are part of the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system team. The session was given the title “Scopes design evolution,”
The discussion was centered around the software called Scopes which was introduced to the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system but despite the idea being praised, users pointed out that the program itself it’s not all that useful and suggested Canonical refined it with a more classic home screen found on both Android and iOS operating systems.

The team said that they are currently working on revamping the software by adding what they called the Dash browser which basically places all the Scopes inside a tabbed browser making them easily accessible. The developers reaffirmed that the new Dash Browser is actually quite customizable and comes with a new visual layout.
They went further to explain that  they are working on improving Scope as a whole but also improve app usability with the program. Ubuntu Touch will also receive bug fixes, and better merged with the Ubuntu SDK toolkit.

Watch the “Scopes Design Evolution” here.

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