Team Leader Behind The Ubuntu Tweak Tool Pulling The Plug on The Software

Ubuntu Tweak tool is a setting manager designed for the Unity desktop environment. The program  allows users to easily reconfigure the operating system to their preferred taste and also offers access to a variety of settings that would have been a bit tricky to access otherwise.

The team behind the software has updated it at a toe to toe pace with every release of the Ubuntu operating system — mostly two to three days after every launch,

Ubuntu Tweak Tool

The creator and head of the Ubuntu Tweak tool project Tualatrix Chou have announced that he will no longer be involved in the maintenance of the free and open source project.

This will mark the second time that Mr. Chou made such an announcement. Three years ago  Tualatrix Chou revoked his right to maintain and develop Ubuntu Tweak tool but was later urged by numerous users of the software to reconsider his decision.

It would seem that the charm of the users of the software lasted for only three years as Tualatrix Chou is definitely looking to kill the software for good this time.

Ubuntu Tweak Tool

Already it appears that website dedicated to the Ubuntu Tweak tool has been taken down, redirecting users to the blog post.

Furthermore, both the Launchpad and Github pages that hosted the project have both stated that it is no longer in maintenance starting from the 2 of May 2016.

Ubuntu Tweak Tool

Tualatrix Chou also released an announcement stating he is shutting down all related websites and blogs to the Ubuntu Tweak tool and also stopping domain name renewals.

This is going to be a huge blow to those that love and use the software but there is an alternative that makes it easy for users to tweak their Ubuntu Unity experience called the Unity Tweak Tool.

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