Ubuntu Convergence Music App is Showcased – Video Included

One of the best things to happen to both Ubuntu handhelds and computer systems at large is the introduction of the Ubuntu Convergence which — as we believe you should already know — converts your tablet or smartphone to a fully-operational desktop upon the addition of necessary peripherals like your mouse and your keyboard.

Sometime back, we covered when Marcos Costales of Ubuntu shared with the public some screen shots of this program at work on his smartphone with the main feature being its ability to run different applications at once which we must say was pretty impressive for a starter.

From then till now, this program has been developed into much more as it now offers to you the luxury of faces depending on what you are using the app for. this though doesn’t interfere with the codebase as it still remains unchanged whilst different tasks are being executed based on the users digression.

ubuntu phonre screenshot

Although one can see such attributes as a major development, its worth noting to say that the ability of Ubuntu Convergence has barely been explored as there is so much more in stall with regards to this app as Devs are still yet to tap into what the advantages the unified use-case in their mobile-apps have to offer, although not much developer are in its pursuit of the Ubuntu Touch OS.

With the Convergence and the much awaited Unity 8 desktop environment, Ubuntu seeks to change this as its gearing on to provide a much more acceptable platform for app developers on their Mobile OS, given them all the access they need to create universal apps that can run effectively across the devices without any restrain or difficulty, hopefully attracting more devs to its wake.

Ubuntu Music app

The Music Player app for the Touch OS is one of the many apps Ubuntu wants developers to work on as it functions as a mobile app when it is opened via the mobile phone and a quasi-desktop app appears when you open the app in the desktop mode.

Interestingly, this app need no help as it simply re-sizes itself according to the screen size remaining which in turn makes it one of the best converge app out there.

See the video below and be the judge of that yourself.

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