Ubuntu Make Updated to V 15.05 With Improvements to The Android SDK and Studio

The Ubuntu platform is diverse and Canonical has somehow accommodated the needs of all those that love the Operating system.  Recently, most of the focus has been on the desktop OS variant of Ubuntu with details slowly filtering through about things we should expect when Yakkety Yak finally arrives.

Ubuntu Make hasn’t been receiving much coverage lately but the developer behind the command line tool specifically geared towards developers has announced the release of Ubuntu Make 16.05.

Ubuntu Make makes it easy for programmers and developers to easily download the latest version of well-known developer tools and install them  alongside their regular Linux-based operating system with all its dependencies.


It seamlessly  integrates with your Unity launcher and enables a multi-arch functionality if you are on a 64-bit system. The new release of the developer tool aims to problems experienced by users who want to access both Android Studio and Android SDK frameworks on the previous version.


Furthermore. the tool now lets users switch to the GitHub API during installation of Lighttable Frameworks and Superpowers.

The developers went further to adds the OpenJDK 8 to the Android SDK and removing the OpenJDK dependency for the Arduino IDE, the requirements for the Netbeans IDE have been updated allowing users to install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus and attempt to fix local issues.

Ubuntu Make can be install on Ubuntu Yakkety Yak Daily build, Trusty Tahr, as well as Willy Wolf.

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Lamin Kanteh
Lamin loves smartphones and was introduced to the world of mobile devices with Android. Ubuntu is new to him, but he is enjoying writing about it so far.

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