Watch Linus Torvalds Explain Why You Should Choose Linux as a Career

Started out as a jolt of curiosity, Linus Torvalds became quite interested in operating systems while attending university in the capital city of Finland.

Restrained by his inability to use Minix operating system — which was then created for students and those interested in learning about the internal workings of Unix-like operating systems — due to the licence Minix was distributed under which does not allow usage beyond learning , Torvalds decided he was better off creating his OS from the ground up.

The operating system was intended to be free from the shackles of the Minix licencing method. In 1991, Linus began laying the first blocks of his own operating system Kernel, which is known around the world today as the Linux Kernel.

Linux Kernel

In the beginning, Linux Torvalds began the construction of the Linux Kernel using components of Minix — which was widely used in the educational system during that time — and many Minix written software was also used, but as Torvald’s knowledge began to expand and grow, so did his method and he later replaced Minix related components with those of GNU.


Twenty-five years later, the Linux operating system has grown beyond all pre-intended expectations and  the operating system can be found on everything from cars, TVs, Smartphones, Embedded systems and even in supercomputers.

Mr Torvalds released a short motivational video where he pointed out that Linux is what it is today not only because of the uniqueness of the operating system but its open nature which allows hundreds of people from everywhere on the planet to share ideas and become part of something loved by millions.

Linux Torvalds believes that open-source technologies are the technology of the future and those looking to start careers should consider starting one with Linux.

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