Mark Shuttleworth Talks Ubuntu and Everything Ubuntu

The future of Ubuntu and Canonical’s involvement is the information technology spectrum has been laid out for everyone to see during the recent Ubuntu Online Summit.

During the event, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth held a live Q&A session where he answered  questions about a variety of issues pertaining to the direction and development of the best Linux-based operating system.

Shuttleworth’s introductory remarks focus a lot on one of the hotly discussed features added to the latest LTS release from Canonical being Ubuntu 16.04 as it is the curtain raiser for the introductions of the Snaps.

He stated that Snappy is in its very early stages of development but he couldn’t hide his happiness with what the new programme has been able to accomplish so far.


Snap is a convenient way to deliver not only apps but almost every web content, which can be easily transferred with all its dependencies from one point to another.

Mark also touched on the subject of whether it is possible for Ubuntu handsets to be available in larger retail stores within the coming 12 months. He stated that he doesn’t want to over-promise or make a huge promise that might up creating extra pressure.

The reason why the software company is successful with the Ubuntu platform is its ability to be patient. There are so many things that needs to be perfected first.

He also answered questions on following issues:

Personal computing – converging with mobile
Cloud computing – evolution of the data centre
Distributed cloud – more like a million pieces of glass; spread out over the world (IoT/Drones/Switches/Robots)

And much more watch the session here:


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