Viber For Linux Updated: Brings End-to-End Security Encryption

Viber is an instant messaging software created by Viber Media. It allows registered users to exchange messages, videos and images. Users register using theIR mobile phone numbers allowing end to end communication with contacts that also have it installed.

The software is available on many platforms including Windows, Windows Mobile, iOS, Mac OSX, and Linux and has close to seven hundred million users around the Globe.

Viber Linux

The Linux version of the programme sports features that includes

Text, photo and sticker messages
Group conversations
Call any Viber user for free
Full sync between your mobile and your Linux PC
Transfer ongoing calls between your mobile and your desktop
No registration, passwords or invitations required
Tested on: Ubuntu, Fedora:

Viber on Linux desktop was on the receiving end of a new update that adds an additional layer of security and also gave the app a new look.

Version 6.0.1 of the software followed the steps of Whatsapp with the introduction of an end to end encryption to protect users messaging data from unauthorized prying eyes.

Viber Linux

“When we refer to end-to-end security encryption, we mean that any two users can rest assured that they are the only people who are able to read each other’s messages or hear their conversations. Viber’s security technology requires two devices to communicate using a secret code instead of plain, understandable text.

Only the device sending the message and the device receiving the message has the key to decipher the code. No middle man – not even Viber – is able to read and understand the code. Thus, anyone trying to hack or spy on these communications is unable to and their efforts to hack the code will be futile.” was the post on their website describing the new feature.”

To read about all the features being added to the new version, visit the official Viber website.

To make a download for your Linux PC, go here.

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