Red Hat Lending a Hand to The GNOME Project With The Donation of Two High-End Servers

The GNOME project behind the acclaimed GNOME desktop environment and its repective softwares has recently received an enomous donation from the Red Hat project.

Red Hat which is an American based multinational  software firm that creates, maintains and distrubution open source software to the enterprise sector. The company has purchase many prepietory software which it later releases under open source liences.

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On May 4, the company donated two powerful high-end servers to the GNOME project. The message on the GNOME project website reads:

“The GNOME Project thanks Red Hat for their recent donation of two new servers. The donation is part of a wider plan aiming to consolidate the location of the various GNOME servers around the globe into one single datacenter. This will help ease day-to-day operations and reduce intervention time in the case of network disruptions or outages.”Red Hat


The servers came a wondeful time for the GNOME project as those reponsible for it are looking to consolodate the location of various servers handling a broad range of subsidiary GNOME projects.

Each unit packs 48-core CPUs and a whopping 128GB of RAM including interprise SSD that could handle an anomous amout of workload.

Red hate already contributes to the GNOME project through the provision of bandwith, equipment and even local hardware -related IT support.

The Linux-based Red Hate OS distrubution uses the GNOME desktop environment as  its default DE.

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