Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” Will Ship With a Brand New Theme layout

Recently Ubuntu news has been blowing through the Linux community like a hurricane wind.  The company behind the most talked about Linux-based operating Canonical is using the Ubuntu OS to propel itself to heights only reach by Microsoft and Apple. But the Linux world is filled with distributions of all sorts whether they are flavours based on already established Operating systems like Ubuntu or those looking to build something new and different.

Ubuntu being a leader in the Linux community makes it a valid choice for other aspiring distros as the operating system sports numerous derivatives. The most successful of them all is Linux Mint, which is a community-driven Linux platform based on both Ubuntu and Debian.


The Linux Mint project was conceived by Clement Lefevre who wanted to build an operating system that is both powerful and easy to use.

Originally based off Kubuntu (which is a direct Ubuntu flavour), the developers decided to switch their source by directly using the Ubuntu codebase for the release of Linux Mint 2.0 codename “Babara.”

Now after years of refinement, the operating system features a hybrid structure where both Debian and Ubuntu are merged into one.


The community behind the operating system are actively working on a new release of Linux Mint codenamed “Sarah” and have been continuously teasing users with some of the components that are expected to come bundled with the release that includes four new apps and a new theme based on Arc GTK.


The design feature called Mint Y will showcase a new and flatter UI element seen on most distros that use the Arc GTK theme layout.

Those that are a bit sceptical will still have the chance to stick with the normal Mint-X as it will be the default theme since Mint-Y will only be an alternative option.

Additionally, these four new apps are also expected with come with “Sara”

A media player based on totem, called xplayer.
A text editor based on pluma, called xed.
A picture viewer based on eog, called xviewer.
A document reader based on atril, called xreader.


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