Next Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 Update to Feature Miracast and Improvements to Unity 8

Ubuntu Touch has been quite on the down-low as it’s been quite a while since we last received any information regarding the next major OTA-11 update for the Ubuntu Touch operating system.

Be rest assured that you are in bootload of surprises once OTA-11 is made official as the folks over at Canonical are working hard to make it work with the BQ M10 and other Ubuntu Phones.

Ubuntu Touch

Our sources have revealed to us that there would be a couple of new changes as well to the OTA-11 which should include the latest network manager release, a new unity-scope-shell release with supports for better and more guaranteed security options and an update to the former dialer screen which should now provide a better visualization for the lock-screen emergency calls.

We also see the new OTA update coming in with a few patches and bug fixes some of which should include an update indicator for the date and time which should fix the problems faced with alarm functions on the present OTA 10 build and a whole new Unity 8 interface with various improvements under the hood.

Also, expect to see a new X.Org Server version which should include fixes for the issues faced with XMir Keymap, some changes to the Ubuntu themes and indicator-sound components with improvements to action and indicator icons as well.

Furthermore, the OTA-11 update would feature some pretty cool streaming experience with either Miracast or Aethercast with the help of the new Wi-Fi display it would come along with. The final launch date still remains in the dark, however, with the Final Freeze already done away with, Ubuntu Touch users should get themselves ready a the new update will be rolling out pretty soon.

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