Purchase Preloaded SD cards with Chromium OS For SBC From the Chromium Marketplace

The Chromium operating system is the free and open source version of the Google’s Chrome OS. The operating system is extensively based on the Linux Kernel and uses the Chromium web browser as its default user interface.

Having the Chromium web browser as its default user interface makes Chromium OS the web-based operating system requiring users to be continuously connected to the internet to be able to extensively use all the features available in the operating system.

MarketPlace — Chromium OS for SBC2

The Chromium operating system can be installed on virtually any machine that you can lay your hands but not long ago, the same cannot be said for Single-board computers that were on a growing trend.

MarketPlace — Chromium OS for SBC2

Developers behind the Chromium project decided to start a subsidiary version of the project that would work on optimizing the operating system enough to work flawlessly on Single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi line.

Work on the operating system for SBC (Single board computers) has been progressing at a very nice pace as we have now reached version 0.5 of the Chromium operating system specifically designed for SBCs.

MarketPlace — Chromium OS for SBC2

The project has set up a marketplace where potential buyers can purchase SD cards preloaded with Chromium OS for SBC v 0.5.

The marketplace also features different starter kits that bundle both Raspberry Pi boards with SD cards at different prices.

If you are interested, follow this link.


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