AryaLinux Operating System Updated to Version 2016.04 Promising a Long List of Changes

The Broad nature of the Linux community cannot be overestimated with distribution aimed almost every user whether you are a master at navigating your way through command lines or just a usual Joe who likes something simple and plain.

AryaLinux is one of those Linux-based operating systems that wants to stand out from the crowd. Most Linux distributions are built atop other more establish versions but  AryaLinux  project which is inspired by LFS/BLFS uses bash scripts to build the platform  from the ground up.

This gives its developers complete control as to what is being added or removed from the operating system.


AryaLinux currently uses both the XFCE and Mate desktop environments but support for other well-known DEs is said to be in works as well as an optimised version of the operating system for small form factor PCs and Mobile sibling of the desktop OS.




AryaLinux has been updated to version 2016.04 and comes with a long list of updates and additional features.

They include:

  • Updated all packages to the latest development of LFS and the current development version of BLFS systemd.
  • Upgraded Mate to 1.12.0
  • Fixed a lot of broken features with alps like selfupdate, clean and updatescripts
  • Eliminated boot time warning messages
  • Incorporated dracut to facilitate the creation of initrd. Initrd is more stable now.
  • The same set of scripts can be utilised to create both 32 bit and 64 bit systems.
  • Scripts now run faster owing to the usage of ccache and MAKEFLAGS
  • Added support for UEFI systems. Though as of now the builder/live discs cannot boot from a UEFI BIOS, AryaLinux can be built from within Ubuntu/Mint/Any other Linux installed in a UEFI BIOS-based system.
  • Tested on GPT based Drives and tested successfully.

Added script to create Live Discs from the generated system

You can check out the full release notes as well was download AryaLinux through their official website.

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