Fedora 24 Beta is Finally Here After Being Delayed Three times

The Fedora Linux operating is right up there among the best desktop operating systems that the Linux community has ever created.

Used by the almighty Linus Torvalds himself – who is among 1.2 million estimated users– and extensively sponsored by the biggest open-source software firm Red Hat.

Fedora is built around the Linux Kernel and with its large contributor base, aims to become the leading Linux distribution available.

Developers behind the Fedora operating system have a tendency of giving enormous focus to innovation by integrating new technologies with the operating system and closely working with the Linux Upstream community thereby making changes upstream allowing for a streamlined distribution of software packages.

Fedora releases have a very short lifespan in comparison with other Linux distros. They usually last for 13 months at the highest in between new releases but version 24 has been teased for a while now.

After being delayed several times, Fedora 24 beta is finally out, bundled with both the latest GNOME 3.20 desktop environment as well as Linux Kernel 4.5.

The new release also features a huge shake up as Wayland won’t be the default session for the upcoming version 24 beta.

“The Fedora 24 Workstation release will not default to Wayland, the next generation graphic stack, but this is planned for future releases.

Wayland is available as an option, and the Workstation team would greatly appreciate your help in testing it out. Our goal is to have one full release where Wayland works almost seamlessly as a drop in replacement for X11. At that point we plan to set it as the default display server in Fedora.” Reads the official release page.

The new release will feature GNOME 3.20 as well as changes to the theming API in GTK+3.

With the beta version already out the door, we expect to see the full version of the operating system around the month of June.

For more information on the new release, visit the official FedoraMagazine website here.
To download, follow this link.

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