Solus OS Getting a New Software Center With Other Improvements

Solus is a Linux-based desktop operating system that uses the Budgie desktop environment as its default DE. The operating system uses a eopkg package manager which creates a .eopkg binary within an eopkg file that contains the metadata.xml.

The project behind the Linux operating system is extensively looking at ways to improve much of the most important components of the software as a whole.

Solus to Offer Users a Brand-New and Modern Graphical Package Manager Read more:

Solus OS was previously based on the GNOME desktop environment with a large selection of programs tailored towards everyday use. A lot of these programs are backported from Debian and later delivered through the Solus project repository.

The community behind the Solus operating system added a complete set of Multimedia plugins by default as well as a large number of other elements designed and developed by the team.Solus-1-0-Solus-Menu-Raven

Through an announcement made recently, project team manager Josh Strobl gave the community an insight on what the developers have been up to during the past few months what things they are looking to change following the upcoming the release of the operating system.

“There is no getting around the fact that the Software Center in Solus 1.1 sucks,” Software discoverability and ease-of-use for installation of software is incredibly important to us and we want to tackle it with urgency. So we’re doing something about it now, this cycle, and it is going to be amazing.”said Josh Strobl.

Solus to Offer Users a Brand-New and Modern Graphical Package Manager Read more:

This statement implies that the team is definitely looking at the most convenient way to bring a much-needed software to the Linux-based operating system as well as additional improvements to components of the Budgie desktop environment.

According to Strobl, the new software centre will be build from the grown up and development team will be adding new technologies that will make adding and getting programmes a lot easier.

Solus to Offer Users a Brand-New and Modern Graphical Package Manager Read more:

Those already using the operating system must have noticed some great additions to the repository among them are darktable 2.0.4, Node.js 5.11.1, OpenSSL 1.0.2h, r 3.3.0, Subversion 1.9.4, WeeChat 1.5, HexChat 2.12.1, KeePass 2.33, Conky 1.10.2, lollypop 0.9.104, VLC Media Player 2.2.3, as well as Peerunity 0.2.2.

Additionally, there were updates added to the Nvidia graphics cards support (340.xx series) and MPV media player which now enables support OpenGPL.


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