Thunderbird is Updated to Version 45.1.0

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open source cross-platform Email, chat, and Calendar client that was designed and maintained by the Mozilla foundation and tailored for both business and personal use.

Despite being very popular during its first release, Mozilla foundation decided to not the shoulder full responsibility for the software because the continuous effort to extend the features of the program were mostly fruitless.

Since then the Thunderbird community has taken over most of the developmental aspects of the software thought the Mozilla Foundation still provides some form of support.
Thunderbird 45 was released about a month ago and brought GTK3 integration for GNU/Linux operating systems as well as a number of additional features.
The software was recently updated to version 45.1.0 which is in response to numerous errors and bugs that came along with the main release.


The changes include giving users the ability to drag and drop contacts names from the built-in address book to the address box in the compose window as well as disabling the DIGEST-MD5 authentication, which failed in JS-XMPP for some users, and also the automatic correspondents column upgrade.

The printing failed in the composition window error has also been fixed to allow users to be able to use the print feature.



The new update also the fix the issue Mac users faced where UI elements become larger as they hover their mouse cursor over them  when using Retina display monitors.
Various improvements were also made on message paragraph handling and much more.

Linux users looking to update should check their respectively software repositories.

For more information on all the fixes, follow this link.

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