Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 Will be Delayed

Ubuntu handheld owners who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next big OTA update will be a little disappointed with the news from the development team today as work on the next OTA update has hit a little snag.

The team was rigorously working on having a release candidate for the upcoming OTA-11 available to testers by the by end of this week but according to an  announcement posted on the Ubuntu developer’s mailing list, things are moving slower than expected and the release has to be pushed adding an additional week to the previously planned  release date.

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According to the announcement, it is stated that as of this point, the expected release candidate isn’t ready for deployment but a lot of work has done to the reported bugs and all of the have been staged in silos and they are ready to look further into the planned features being added the RC. The bad news is that all that is going to impact on the previously planned release date which, like mentioned before has been pushed further.

“OTA-11 still not ready for an RC, but all the required fixes are staged in silos so we might expect to be good for a release candidate spin tomorrow. The bad news is all this might also impact the release date, possibly by a week. Well, sometimes issues like this cannot be easily avoided.” was the statement from Łukasz Zemczak.

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There is no updated given as to when exactly the new OTA-11 update will land in all supported Ubuntu devices which was expected no come around the end of the Month of May now pushed to at least around the first week of June — given that there are no mishaps along the way .

The development team seem to have their hands full at the moment as they work on promoting the OTA-10.1 emulator images to the stable channel signalling the beginning of work on the OTA-12 as well.

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