New Features Pushed For Snappy Integration In Ubuntu

Canonical is keeping its promises when it announced during this year’s Ubuntu online summit that a lot of effort is going to be put into the Snap program for easy integration of software.
Canonical created a huge excitement among Ubuntu fans when it said it is putting in place a mechanism for its latest desktop operating system called Snap that will allow the easy management of software in a timely and convenient way .

All application packages will be available to users with all their dependencies and additional layer of the security allowing the software to have minimum access to the operating system.


The idea was first implemented in the Ubuntu Core OS for IoT and later migrated to the main desk top environment Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus.
“Ubuntu 16.04 has just been updated with a new release of snapd (2.0.3),” Canonical. Our release manager, Michael Vogt, has prepared and pushed this release into the Ubuntu archive.” said Zygmunt Krynicki, Technical Lead in UES Commercial Engineering.

Snapd (2.0.3) is aimed Internet of things and embedded systems sporting the Ubuntu Core operating system and it looks to improve the snappy infrastructure within the heart of the software.

snappy ubuntu


The changes coming on snapd (2.0.3) includes the following:

– integration-tests, debian/tests: add unity snap autopkg test
– snappy: introduce first feature flag for assumes: common-data-dir
– timeout,snap: add YAML unmarshal function for timeout.Timeout
– many: go into state.Retry state when unmounting a snap fails. (LP: #1571721, #1575399)
– daemon,client,cmd/snap: improve output after snap install/refresh/remove (LP: #1574830)
– integration-tests, debian/tests: add test for home interface
– interfaces,overlord: support unversioned data
– interfaces/builtin: improve the bluez interface
– cmd: don’t include the unit tests when building with go test -c for integration tests
– integration-tests: teach some new trick to the fake store, reenable the app refresh test
– many: move with some simplifications test snap building to snap/snaptest
– asserts: define type for revision related errors

The same change might soon land on the desktop operating system. You can view the entire changelog here

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