Ubuntu Touch Photo Scope Now Allows Users To View Camera Photos in Their Dropbox Account

During the Ubuntu Online summit that took place not very long ago, Canonical promised a lot of changes to its Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system and one of the features that were given a lot of attention was Scope.

The Scope feature spread across all Ubuntu Mobile Applications, was supposedly going to be a convenient way for users of Ubuntu handheld devices to able to navigate through any apps the easiest way possible. But the feature while its niche and neat, like most aspects of the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system, needed so much work.

Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu

Canonical reported today that it has started work on the PhotoScope app which previously doesn’t allow users to view photos taken and uploaded to their Dropbox account.

The company reported on its Twitter page today that “On the Ubuntu phone you can now see your uploaded camera photos from Dropbox within the Photos Scope,” giving users the ability to upload and view pictures taken with their devices in their Dropbox account even if it is with a non-Ubuntu handset.


This gives users the much-needed freedom and a little bit of positive to Canonical mobile operating system as it looks to become a significant force in a saturated and highly competitive smartphone market.

The team behind the mobile platform is currently working hard in giving users with Ubuntu handheld devices a full functioning OTA-11 which had a little delay and will be a week late.

Canonical is trying to capture the hearts of Android and iOS cult followers with the introduction of Aethercast which is also called Miracast or Wi-Fi display and will supposedly give users the ability to enjoy convergence from the comfort of their couches.

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