Linksys Continues to Support Open-Source Firmware Despite FCC rule

One of the best ways to enjoy your router is use custom firmware which allows you to modify the Radio frequency settings. Users can boost up the amount of RF output power, add additional channels, and increase bandwidth, spacing and radar-detect/DFS functions.

These modifications are made possible through third-party firmware, this, if not used wisely can lead to catastrophic consequences. With third-party firmware, uses can have complete control over their RF settings allowing them to tune it at levels that might not be legal.


Improper RF settings can lead to interferrence with radar towers, that is why The Federal Communication Commission has recently adopted rules that requires OEM responsible for the manufacture of Wi-Fi Routers to prohibit users from changing certain parameters of their devices.

There are some device makers who decided that it would be hassle free for them to just band third-party and open-source firmware such as OpenWRT and DD-WRT from being installed in their routers.

However, Linksys which is a prominent name when comes to networking hardware products is said to be working with developers on ways to allow users to continue installing third-party and open source firmware without making changes that are against the rules put in place by the FCC.


What this means for buyers of Linksys routers is that even after the rule has been past – going into effect on June 2nd 2016 –, you will get a unit that has both the RF (Radio Frequency) parameter data stored separately from the firmware.

This method will allow users to install third party software without affecting the radio frequency parameters.

This is actually the first case where an OEM has found a workaround the FCC rule without blocking the install of open- source firmware but its unclear whether other manufacturers will follow suite.

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