Linux Kernel 4.6 is Out With Support For USB 3.1

Linux Torvalds has been extensively working on the Linux Kernel for a while now and it seems all his labour has been worthwhile as he announces the complete availability of the long anticipated Linux Kernel 4.6.

After over two months of hard work during which, it has received nothing less than 6 RC (Release candidates) builds, Linux Kernel 4.6 has now reached its mature state is available to all GNU/Linux users.

Linux Kernel
The new release features a long list of additional security improvements, numerous updated drivers as well as brand new features that would make it both stable and secure for all Linux-based operating systems.

Mr Torvalds made the announcement through the Linux Kernel mailing list where he stated that “”It’s just as well I didn’t cut the RC cycle short since the last week ended up getting a few more fixes than expected, but nothing in there feels all that odd or out of line. So 4.6 is out there on the normal schedule, and that obviously also means that I’ll start doing merge window pull requests for 4.7 starting tomorrow.”

Linux Kernel
Some of the most important change to the Kernel include the implementation of the OrangeFS distributed filesystem, additional improvements to the reliability of the Out of Memory Task Killer, support for USB 3.1 sSuperSpeed Plus (SSP) Protocol – that offers transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps –, and support for Intel memory protection keys.

Linux Kernel will also ship with a new component designed to accelerate applications layer protocols called Kernel Connection Multiplexor, online inode checker for the OCFS2 file system, BATMAN V protocol, support for pNFS SCSI layout, as well as 802.1AE MAC-level encryption (MACsec) support.

Notably, Linux Kernel 4.6 has shipped with a lot of bug fixes and drivers has also been updated.

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