First Release Candidate Of Krita 3.0 is Here

Krita is a free and open-source digital painting application and was initially released as part of the KOffice suite in 2005. Krita is now its own standalone app and houses a treasure chest of features for those that are in the drawing and painting business.

The software developers launched a Kickstarter last year to fund version 3.0 of the program and after a successful campaign, the first release candidate is available following on the beta version which launched not long ago.

Krita 3.0 Open-Source Digital Painting Tool

This RC is a response to reported bugs during the beta test phase and the developers also took advantage of the opportunity to add new improvements to an already impressive software which is being used by many artist around the world.

The next Krita build is being hyped to bring forth some really interesting features and notable among them is the Animation tool  as well as Instant preview feature both of which will be based on the Qt5 toolkit.

The team behind the project stated that they are looking to add more features but it will be things that artist actually need.

Krita 3.0 promises to bring better handling to layers, snapping to guides and grids, a revamp color space, OpenMP in G’Mic on Windows and Linux, which makes most filters much faster, improvements made to the toolbox icons, additional tools added for pan and zoom features and so much more.

The team behind the project are running their third Kickstarter campaign which is expected to bring in additional features and changes.

Visit here for more details or you can support by following this link to their kickstarter page.

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