GNOME Project to Launch The First Libre Application Summit in Oregon U.S.A

We are only almost half way through 2016 and things are lined up nicely for the GNU/Linux community in particular and entire Linux ecosystem in general.

Linux users were spoiled with an endless list software releases that in cooperated new and innovative technologies further expanding the reach of Linux in Servers, Desktops, Mobile phones and much more.

We are lucky enough to be part of the generation that witnesses Linux become not just an operating system but an important component of our lives and it won’t far fetch to say that it is going to play a vital role in how well technology itself performs in the future.


Libre Application Summit (LAS) is the brainchild of the wonderful people behind the GNOME project and it is the very first of its kind. The aim is to advance the state of the GNU/LINUX application ecosystem in increasing collaboration with Linux Kernel and major Linux distributions as well as working on creating ways to empower application developers whether you are new trying to find your feet or established and wants to get even bigger.

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According to the announcement posted on the GNOME Project website, this is going to create a great opportunity for everyone involved in Free and Open source software (FOSS).

“Companies and individuals alike will mix with members from a diverse set of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) communities. Together, they will collaborate on actionable goals to further evolve the application market in GNU/Linux, create and design better application development tools, and improve the developer and user experience in general for the GNU/Linux desktop. The event will also focus on the social and community aspects of FOSS application development.”

Many GNOME technologies are expected to be showcased putting the spotlight on how they are created and build around the communities that are involved.
The event will be held in Oregon USA from September 19 to 23 and if you are interested in registering for the event, head over to the LAS GNOME website.

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