Webconverger 35 Now Supports Linux Kernel 4.5

Webconverger Linux-based operating that is design explicitly and solely for accessing web applications securely and privately.

Based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, Webconverger is specifically used in web Kiosk and digital signage deployments. There are many Linux Kernel-based operating systems that claim to offer Web Kiosk systems for use in offices and internet cafes and Webconverger is among the leading names.

Pre-complied to run on any x86 hardware architectures, Webconverger is not resource intensive making it easily deployable on low-machines.

The developers behind the whole project made a major announcement today as they announce the release of Webconverger 35.1 which is a follow up to the already release Webconverger 34.0 launched proximately three months ago.


The new release is built around Firefox 46.0 web browser which comes  with GTK 3 integration and finally supports Linux Kernel 4.5 this is made possible through the Debian backports.
The implementation of Linux Kernel is a wise choice from the developers responsible for Webconverger as it adds better hardware support to the operating system making Web Kiosk accessible to many who were not able to install it prior to the change.

Additional improvements are added to the core components of the operating system including OpenSSL library and Adobe Flash Player technologies for the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Among other things, it is also announced that Webconverger will now feature a subscription system for those looking to configure their devices to support Web Kiosk systems.
There is a free 30-day trial after which a $9.99 monthly payment is required and the developers insisted that the software will always be an open-source project.

To justify adding the payment system, one of the developers was quoted saying “There is no such thing as free of cost software. Since 2007 I’ve been working on Webconverger, mostly part time alongside my full-time employment. Configured Webconverger is a paid product with a 30-day free trial and the revenue will go into engineering a better kiosk & Web signage system.”

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