Purism to Introduce Privacy-Centric Linux-based Tablets

Purism is a hardware company known for its numerous Kickstarter campaigns that are usually for Linux-based computers with the promise that every single bit of code featured in the machine will be from Free and open source project.

The company is working on expanding its line of Linux-based machines that it says are going to reaffirm its commitment to user freedom and privacy.

Purism is currently spearheading a crowdfunding campaign for two Linux-based tablets dubbed the Librem 10 – which is the mid-range version and has a $599 starting price– and the Librem 11 – which will be the high-end version and feature a bigger screen with a starting price of $999.


The prices stated are for those that backed the campaign on Indiegogo and delivery is expected in September.

Librem 11, which is the premium version, features an 11-inch display, will be powered by Intel Core M and it is expected to come with a detachable keyboard which will allow users to use the tablet as a notebook.


This could be great news for Ubuntu lovers looking to try Convergence elsewhere since the BQ Aquaris M10 turns out to be a bit of a disappointment but there is no word from the guys over at Purism as both tablets will come with the company’s PureOS 3.0 operating system is based on Debian. Users are also given the option to install QubesOS which is an open-source operating system that is purely focused on user security.


The lesser of the two tablets and the cheapest too which is the Librem 10 will feature Intel’s Atom processor.
One additional standout feature on both devices is the “Privacy Kill switches” which are hardware buttons that will disconnect the webcam, Bluetooth as well as the Wi-Fi

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