Source Code Manager Git to Receive It’s Third Point Release

Git is a well-known version control system that is mostly used for software development and other version control task.

Developed by maintainers of the Linux Kernel including Linux Torvalds in 2005 after they gave up on the proprietary source control management called BitKeeper.

The popular source code management system is on the verge of receiving its third point release updating it to version 2.8.3. This will be the largest shake down yet for the software as over 20 improvements are expected to be featured with fixed to the current stable 2.8 branch.


Few months ago the developers announced Git 2.8 and at the end of March, they added new major features that included Parallel fetch of submodules which allowed for the inclusion of other Git repositories in a single Git repo when using the Git Submodules command, support for turning off Git’s smudge and clean filters, as well as massive improvements to the Git for Windows build.

New interesting additions are being made to version 2.8.3 which includes better support for CRAM-MD4 authentication method in the “git imap-send” command as well as support for socks5h:// proxies to the socks5:// support. Some multi-byte encoding can have a backslash byte as a later part of one letter, which would confuse “highlight” filter used in gitweb.

Linux Kernel

Additionally, there are changes made in preparation for the upcoming OpenSSL 1.1.0 release which Git will support.
Git is used by millions of software developers and end-users. The latest version is available for Mac OS, Windows as well as GNU/Linux operating systems.

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