SparkyLinux to be The First Distro to Offer Linux Kernel 4.6

Sparky Linux like most Linux based operating systems is a desktop oriented platform that sets itself apart by providing users with the option to install several other Desktop environments right off the bat.

The project is filled under that Debian testing banner and was conceived in 2011 as a flavour of Ubuntu but after several years of dull releases, the project decided to switch gears and have the base changed to Debian.

SparkyLinux offers several editions which are tailored specifically for a certain set of users. The Debian project maintainers try to take advantage of the latest technologies to bring the best possible desktop experience to their users.


SparkyLinux is on track to be the first distribution that is going to offer the latest version of the highly anticipated Linux Kernel version 4.6 which has been in heavy development for the pass few months by Linux Torvalds and co.

Team Leader for the SparkyLinux project Tobias Powalowski has announced recently that Linux Kernel 4.6 has entered the (Testing) repository and also took the time to inform everyone involved in the project that the tp_smapi and Nvidia series packages need some serious patches as their binary modules are not building with the new Kernel.


In a separate announcement, the developers behind SparkyLinux announced that the Linux Kernel has landed in the (Unstable) repository with a guide for those who want to take the kernel out for a spin.

Inexperienced users are advice to wait till the Kernel finds its way in the Stable repo as this version is more refined and less buggy than the Testing and Unstable versions

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