Major Improvements Coming GNOME Games Version 3.22

Developers of GNOME are working on yet another application that is part of the GNOME Stack and this time the GNOME Games is the focus of attention. The feature will be on the receiving end fo great improvements are part of the GNOME 3.22 development circle which is currently under way and with the second preview build ready for early birds.

GNOME Games developer and team leader Adrien Plazas has recently announced the release of a new version of the  GNOME Games platform which is being updated to 3.21.2 and aims to be the second milestone towards the GNOME Games 3.22. The update is expected to  feature some big changes that are expected to be welcomed by followers of the open-source application designed for GNOME/Linux gamers who want to a nice tool to organize their game libraries.

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GNOME Games can now be use to browse and launch games from the library and according to the developers, the next release will support both Atari 2600 and Atari 7800 platforms.


Among other things, GNOME Games 2.21.2 release will now allow the support of displaying icons for Nintendo DS games and titles created with the Love Free 2D games Engine, support for the latest GTK+ GUI toolkit, improved rendering of SNES titles and also giving users the ability to add simple game types.
A warning will be displayed when quitting games whether it is intentional or unintentional as well as Simplify the existing simple game formats.

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