Solus 1.2 to Support 32-bit Applications Right Out of The Box

Solus developers have been teasing the Linux community with its next major release of the Solus operating system with the launch of an event called the hackfest 1.2. The event is used to by the developers to test out new features that are going to be implemented in the upcoming Solus 1.2.

The Solus team have been doing their best to generate a lot of hype for what they term as the “most innovative GNU/Linux operating system” with Hack fest 1.2 and today announced that users will be able to install 32-bit apps among other new technologies.

This is will come as a huge excitement for those that are longing to install apps like Steam, Teamviewer, Skype for Linux and so much more without the need to execute a long list of weird commands.

Solus Os

The team behind the development and maintenance of the Solus operating system are looking to take this opportunity to rebrand and according to project leader Ikey Doherty, who showcased what he says will be a brand new logo for Solus. Not much detail has been given regarding the actual date for the release of Solus 1.2 but chances are, it will be very soon.

Solus Linux OS comes with a whole range of open-source software right out of the box, some of them include the latest LibreOffice suite, Firefox, Thunderbird, Openshot video editor, XChat, as well as VLC.


Additional software that is needed by users and not available by default can be downloaded using the Solus package manager. PlayOnLinux is installed by default and aims to simplify the installation of WIndows-based applications including games.
Watch four-hour long video of the Hackfest 1.2

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