Video: Watch Ubuntu Convergence and Miracast in Action on The Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition

Canonical’s Ubuntu Project manager Alan Pope was able to get his hands for the very first time on Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition and without wasting much time, decided to put the device through its paces by testing out all the features it promises to bring.

The first feature to be tested was the much talked about Ubuntu convergence. As you are well aware, Canonical has been extensively working hard on pushing its Convergence idea to masses since it sees convertible smartphones and other devices taking over the PC space.

Despite not that many units bought and being merited with few performance issues, the Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition became the most powerful handset to feature Canonical’s Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system and the first lunch with Miracast – a feature that allows users to connect their handsets to an external display –as a default feature.

Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition

Alan Pope was among those that were able to get their hands on the Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition and he immediately made a short video showcasing Miracast as it connects to Microsoft’s wireless display adapter which is attached to his TV. Mr Pope said the reason behind the short length of the video was because he only wanted to see for himself if the feature actually works.

Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition

He made a longer video afterwards where the device is shown connected to a wireless Bluetooth keyboard, a Bluetooth speaker and external display, showing the handset in full convergence mode.

Below is two videos showcasing both Convergence and Miracast on the Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition.

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