Steam OS 2.80 Beta Release Bringing Exciting New Features

When Valve beat it’s competitors to the punch by being the first to launch an offensive on the Linux community, it decided that it is not just going to port the Steam online game distribution software to Linux but it is rather going to create a Linux-based game-centric operating system.

This gives both the company and enthusiastic Linux gamers a lot of room to maneuverer as they can both play Linux based games and have other games from Windows and Mac streamed to their computers running the Debian-based Steam operating system.


Valve engineers have been working hard on the next version of Steam Os and the team just announced that Debian-based Steam Operating system 2.80 has been moved to the brewmaster-beta channel for public testing.

This comes just less than two months after stable version 2.70 was launched and the new update promises long-awaited new features specifically for those using AMD GPU on their machines to play Steam games.
According to the announcement, the biggest feature introduced in SteamOS 2.80 Brewmaster Beta update is a new AMD GPU PRO graphics driver that has been injected with Vulkan and VDPAU (Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix) support.


Despite being included in the first Release Candidate of SteamOS 2.80 Beta one of this AMD GPU PRO video driver will only be enabled  for users using the “Bonaire” GPU at the moment.

Updates for open-source components includes Iceweasel, Expat, imlib2, libarchive, libgd2, libidn, libndp, librsvg, libtasn1-6, MySQL-5.5, OpenSSL, Jansson, and tzdata, as well as a fix for a dead lock bug in DRM kernel module.

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