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GNOME calendar is one of the core apps that ships with the GNOME software package which is distributed and maintained by the GNOME Project. GNOME calendar is built with simplicity and usability in mind and offers users will a limitless number of features for easy appointment keeping, event scheduling and so much more.

Designed and built with core elements of the entire GNOME software, it integrates nicely with the entire GNOME ecosystem.

GNOME Calender

App maintainer Georges Stavracas has stated that rescheduling events in the GNOME calendar will be a lot simplified in the next major release of the renown app.

New and exciting features like drag and drop have been added to enhance the overall functionality of the app and it works across both year and month views making it easier to reschedule missed appointments that users have added previously.

The previous build of the GNOME calendar requires users to manually edit an event if they have intentions to change the date.

This process is accomplish by having users double click on the event strip entry in the month view and then adjusting the day, time and month from the calender picker widget.

With the release of GNOME 3.22 which is expected to be launch later this year, the entire process is extremely simplified as users can click on an existing event to ‘pick it up’, drag it over a new date, and drop it to apply it to apply.

Other new features include new ‘week’ view, agenda view, a new event editor dialogue and support for handling calendar files (e.g., iCal, .ics).


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