Steam Client Made Better With Linux Steam Integration Utility Tool

Steam client is a wonderful tool for anyone that loves playing games on their Linux based computers. Steam offers a wide variety of games that were only accessible through the Windows platform.

But there is something about instaling Steam on Linux-Kernel based distributions that are not Debian which usually causes the runtime in the software not working correctly. The reason for this issue is because of the old Ubuntu 12.04 LTS that Steam requires to function properly.

The problem has caught the eye of the Solu project whose distribution is most affected by this problem and the development team has kick-started a new project it is calling Linus Steam Integration (LSI) with the hopes of solving said issue.


Linux Steam Integration is simple and straightforward utility tool that can use on any Linux-based distribution and it allows the Steam client to run as a 32-bit program and in turn, take full advantage of the native runtime provided by the operating system. This could greatly enhance user experience with the software and help solve the problems with CS:GO 64-bit update or issues with some Simulator games.

Ikey Doherty who is the project leader state that “The shim binary is extremely lightweight and completely leak-free, and is designed to be used in place of the existing /usr/bin/steam, meaning adopters must move the existing Steam binary elsewhere. We can even run Steam with its own runtime without doing any hacks, and letting LSI take care of it for us.”

Solus Os

The project filed under the open-source banner and the distribution is licensed with the LGPL2.1. Those using Solus can access through the distribution’s repository but if you are on another distribution and would like to test it out can check the Github page of the project where all documentation on how to install are available.

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