Cinnamon 3.0.4 Setting The Pace For The Upcoming Linux-Mint 18 “Sarah”

While the next Linux Mint GNU/Linux based operating system is under heavy development, the team responsible for the maintenance of Cinnamon which is the default desktop environment of acclaim Linux-based operating system have announced a new update.

Cinnamon version 3.0.4 will be the latest version of the well-known desktop environment and is expected to be featured on the highly anticipated Linux Mint 18 codenamed “Sarah.”

Developers behind Cinnamon have spent a lot of time with the DE this past month during which it received a total of three maintenance releases.

Linux Mint

A lot of these releases were aimed at closing loopholes and fixing reported bugs found with the program’s version 3 which should greatly improve overall user experience.

Cinnamon 3.0.4 is looking to continue this trend of improving the performance of the acclaimed desktop environment while adding new features.

Some of the changes include the overlay scrollbar toggle which has been updated only to be displayed for the GTK+ 3.16 or later GUI toolkit, and additional improvements are made to the translations.


The new update also made reference to the sound and menu Applet, adding much-needed improvements to the default icon being displayed for blank cover art on the sound applet. The trailing spaces have also been removed allowing for a smoother experience and the Menu applet no longer refreshes twice at the same time.
Some other interesting additions include a new function that makes strokes and accents to be ignored when searching for settings or applications.

Here is a rundown of the entire changelog

Updated pot file.
cs_effects: Only show overlay scrollbar toggle when using gtk3 >= 3.16.
sound applet: Use an icon that actually exists for blank coverart.
sound-applet: Fix an icon name.
Ignore accents/stokes when searching the menu or cinnamon-settings.
Menu applet: Removed trailing spaces.
Menu applet: Don’t refresh twice at the same time.
[Menu applet] Fix not cleared drag placeholder in favourites box. This fixes the uncleared drag placeholder in the favourites box, if an application was dragged over, but not dropped in the favourites box. This is for #5322

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