Easily Create Snappy Apps With The Snapcraft Tool 2.9

When Canonical launched Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus, the most talked about feature that everybody was waiting for its the implementation of Snaps.

The snap technology was supposed to revolutionise the software industry and completely change the way users and developers view and handle applications. It was going to provide security as applications being installed are contained to only access parts of the system that they need to function as well as provide improved system performance.

There few missteps on the way as few flaws were found with the whole snap packaging system but this was normal given that the whole idea was new and mistakes are expected.

snappy ubuntu

Things seem to have picked up since then and more software is being provided in Snap format.
To make creating snappy packages for Snappy Ubuntu Core, Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS operating systems easily,  Canonical launched Snapcraft software.

The program is now being updated to version 2.9 and it brings important features which include support for “Confinement” YAML property which basically allows users to choose if their Snap package should be installed with the devmode option in confined mode or functional.


Snappy packagers should be aware that Snapcraft’s new “confinement” YAML property is designed to work with Snaps still under development. “Snaps need to be able to specify if they require devmode or if they can be run confined. This will allow for snapd to provide reasonable errors if one tries to install a snap that cannot run successfully under confinement Launch.

Additionally, Snapcraft 2.9 brings support for “epoch” YAML property, which let Snaps perform step upgrades by specifying upgrade paths. It should be noted that the “epoch” property is still under development.

Furthermore, Snapcraft 2.9 release implements Bash completion for the snapcraft commands among other things.

To install Snapcraft, use these commands

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapcraft
sudo apt install snapcraft-examples

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