Krita 3.0 Finally Released With Some Interesting New Features

Krita is one of the most innovative and easy to use digital painting application available on the Linux platform.

The Krita foundation which is responsible for the development and maintenance of the free and open-source cross-platform painting software has recently announced the final release of version 3.0 of the programme.

The team have spent over three months working on the new release of the software which now sports fully ported next generation Qt5 technologies.

Some of the interesting features include built-in animation support that includes giving users the ability to work with large canvases and brushes made possible because of the instant preview functionality.


In an announcement made today, the Krita Foundation stated that “Many of the new features were funded by the 2015 Kickstarter campaign. A big thank-you to all our backers. The remaining stretch goals will be released with Krita 3.1, later this year. And don’t forget that we’ve still got seven days in the current Kickstarter campaign.”


Additional features include true blue 2D frame-by-frame animation, faster layer workflow, improvements to shortcuts, guides and grids snapping, a bunch of new filters, lots of UI enhancements, and a new manual.

Furthermore, there are improvements made to the Animated raster images with frames, and use the timeline docker to order them. This works in all colour spaces and depths.

Onion skinning allows users to have an overlay of the previous and next frames, an important assistant when going from rough animation to smooth animation.

The third and final release are available for all Linux distribution and those interested should their software repositories.

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