OTA-11 to Introduce The Highly Anticipated Wireless Display Feature For Ubuntu Phones

It is no secret that Canonical’s development team responsible for the Ubuntu Touch Mobile operating system are extensively working on great exciting features of the next upcoming OTA-11 update which are expected to roll out to supported Ubuntu Touch devices in the coming weeks.

Among some of the most notable features that are going to be added to the Ubuntu Touch platform is the introduction of the long-awaited Aethercast which is commonly referred to as Miracast.

This new implementation is a technology that will provide wireless display support for Ubuntu Smartphones at the moment, though, it only works on the recently launched Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition.
Ubuntu Tablets
This is going to create a huge fanfare among avid Ubuntu Touch followers who have long waited for the chance to be able to connect their smartphones to an external display and enjoy all its features in Convergence mode.

Additionally, OTA-11 will also introduce the long awaited Shell rotation support which will allow users to be able to rotate the Unity 8 interface in landscape mode when using tablets and any other big screen device.

Among some of the interesting features that are expected to come with the OTA-11 update are the introduction of NetworkManager 1.2. This part of the update is exclusively aimed at providing security to Ubuntu Touch devices that are connected to WiFi networks with the help of the new Mac address randomization technology and the VPN feature was introduced in the previous OTA-10 has been updated with a user and password authentication support.


Ubuntu Keyboard now supports Chinese and you can open multiple application windows as the Home Scope is now pre-loaded during system boot for a faster start-up.

Location service has also seen some improvements while Dynamic Grid Unit support which is available for all UI elements to adapt and scale to different DPIs.

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