The Hacking Arch-Linux Distro ArchAssault Has Been Handed a Name Change

One of the greatest things that the Linux platform prides itself in is the ability to provide users with a top of the line security when using anything from software to files. Because of the open source nature, anything going into the kernel is in the open for everyone to see which creates a secure environment for everyone whether you are power users or just a casual one.

ArchAssault is GNU/Linux operating that is extensively based on the well known Arch Linux distribution and its designed for ethical hackers. The development team behind the maintenance and development of the operating has announced that they are changing the name of the operating system.

Arch-Linux, ArchAssault, ArchStrike

Designed from scratch as a security layer to Arch Linux, the ArchAssault project provides security researchers and hackers with one of the most powerful open source and totally free Linux kernel-based operating systems for penetration testing and security auditing operations.

ArchStrike is going to be the new name and the team promised to interesting changes to the upcoming release of the operating system that includes a bleeding-edge pentest distro that is available to anyone that is intrested in privacy and anonymity on the internet or on any network.

Linux Kernel

ArchStrike is similar but very different to the well known Kali Linux which was previously called BackTrack.

There are over 1,450 tools included in the ArchStrike repositories,which users can view and study the entire list. The distribution has been optimised for 32-bit (i686), 64-bit (x86_64), ARMv6, and ARMv7 platforms. It is built around the lightweight Openbox window manager, and it can be added on top of any Arch Linux installation.

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