Alpine Linux 3.4 Released with Improved Features

Creator of Alpine Linux Natanael Copa has recently made an announcement about the release of Alpine Linux 3.4 operating which draws the curtain on the development of the Operating system’s 3.3 series.

The new Alpine Linux 3.4 will be the first stable release of the 3.4 series and offers users the most advanced GNU/Linux technologies. Most notable among them is the Linux Kernel 4.4 which is a Long Term Release – version 4.4.11 is included in the base ISO image for those that would want to try it out–, the OpenRC init system, DNS search domain support in the etc/resolv.conf file.

Among other things, Alpine Linux will offer great features for those that want to run the Server centric operating system in virtual machines as it comes with top of the line free and open-source virtual software like VirtualBox, QEMU, Vmware allowing users to be able to download a specially crafted ISO image which is called alpine-virt.

Other additional features included in Alpine Linux 3.4 are the Ruby 2.3 programming language, PostgreSQL 9.5 open-source database, Qt 5.6 GUI toolkit, as well as desktop applications like the LibreOffice 5.1 office suite and Evince 3.20 document viewer.

Another notable addition to Alpine Linux 3.4 is an improved support for the Raspberry Pi selection of small-singe board computers which allows users with said computers like the Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi 2 Model B or Raspberry Pi 3 Model B board to transform them into fully functioning Linux-based servers.

Support for unprivileged Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) sockets has been injected into BusyBox’s ping utility so you can use it without root access, accessible only if you are in a group with GID between 999 and 59999. Also, most of the ruby-* packages have been removed from the base system.

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