Deeping Ubuntu Linux- Based Operating System Now Supports Remote Desktop Assistance

Deeping is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution that has recently been on the receiving end of a major update. Project maintainer Melody Zou has recently announced that Deeping 15.2 has been released and it is the second major update to the acclaimed GNU/Linux based distribution.

The development team continued its vision of proving a simple easy to use the Linux-based operating system that suitable for anyone regardless of your technical abilities with the introduction of a new Launcher Interface that is designed to be more usable and an innovative search engine.

“The classification is simple and clear. Users can customise icon locations at free sorting mode. Of course, the Launcher brings many other optimisations to the Linux kernel-based operating system, such as better support for uninstalling apps and compatibility with lower resolution screens.,” says Melody Zou in today’s announcement.

Deeping Desktop

Another notable part of the Deeping operating system that is on the receiving end of some big changes is the Control Center. Deeping 15.2 will cater in a new Control Center which allows users to configure their Thinkpad track points, delete existing time zones from the Date and Time module, as well as create custom configurations for multi-monitor setups.


The new Deeping 15.2 release will also usher in the ability to allow users control their Deeping-based Linux computers from anywhere using the Remote Assistance application which is now a separate application and deeply intregated into the system.



the Dock has been updated with optimisations to the smartly hidden feature, the renaming of files should-should be a lot easier now, the window animation effect has been improved as well, window menu settings have been implemented, and numerous bugs reported by users since Deeping 15.1 have been fixed.

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