Ubuntu Mobile Operating System OTA-11 Has Landed

If you have the following news being relayed to you from our website about what Canonical has planned for the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system OTA-11, then you on top of every information and should be very excited to learn that the much talked about update has landed today on all supported devices.

The development team behind Ubuntu Touch Mobile operating system have been tirelessly working on new exciting innovative technologies. One of the most talked about feature is the wireless display, the new technology has been hailed by the company to be the next big thing in the mobile space allowing users to wirelessly connect their devices to an external monitor and interacting with apps like you would on a desktop computer.

Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu

The feature has been given several names that includes Aetthercast, Display cast or Miracast. A similar technology called Ubuntu Convergence is also available but only supported by the BQ Aquaris Ubuntu Edition because it is the only device that has the right software and sport a video out.

The new OTA-11 update comes to answer the prayers of those using devices that do not feature a video out -like all supported Ubuntu phones — to be able to interact with their handset in a desktop setup needing only a wireless dongle, keyboard,display and mouse.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-11

“The latest Over-The-Air update (OTA) 11 is out! We’ve introduced wireless capabilities to the Meizu PRO 5, which gives users the full Ubuntu PC experience running from a smartphone. All the services running on the phone are available on the desktop through just a wireless dongle and no cables – giving you the full Ubuntu convergence experience,” stated Canonical.

To prove that Miracast Wireless display actually works,Canonical’s Ubuntu Mobile product manager Richard Collins showed it off in a demo video.

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