Ubuntu 16.10 to Implement Universal Local DNS Resolver Service

It is no secret that Canonical is rigorously working on its next big release of the most talked about GNU/Linux operating system. Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak is believed to be the touch bearer for some of the highly anticipated GNU/Linux technologies that include the acclaimed Unity 8 user interface, as well as Mir display server.

Today, through an announcement made on one of Ubuntu’s Mailing list, Martin Pitt has stated that one of the latest technologies that are going to be implemented in Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak is a new universal local DNS resolver service for each and every Ubuntu Linux based flavors that includes Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server as well as Ubuntu Touch.

The new system is both reliable and very light-wight making the new DNS resolver service a universal system. The technology is already available in the systemd to init system and is replacing the old one.

systemd-resolved supports all next-gen networking technologies that include DNSSEC which is enabled by default in systemd 230 and later version. The system doesn’t rely on D-Bus as the previous dnsmasq-based solution that Canonical uses on its Ubuntu desktop and Mobile operating systems.

According to Martin Pitt when referring to the old methods “This had the major drawback that if the first DNS server does not respond (or is slow), then *every* DNS lookup suffers from a ~ 10s timeout, which makes every network operation awfully slow.”

He went to state that he did test the new Local DNS resolver that is being implemented and hasn’t encountered any problems as of yet but that doesn’t make it a perfect programme as of yet.

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