The Docker Project Release The Final Stable Version of Docker 1.11.2

Docker is one of the widely used free and open-source programs that automates the deployment of software and applications within containers.

Docker containers wrap up a portion of the software in a complete file-system where it has everything it needs – runtime, filesystem tools, system libraries etc – to run on a machine regardless of the environment it is being run in.

The development team behind the project has announced that Docker 1.11.2 which is the second maintenance update to the stable Docker 1.11 series.

The team has spent the last month and a half working on this new build and during this time, the widely used Linux container software has received just one release candidate indicating that everything has worked out just as planned because all the features implemented on that released will trickle down to the final version.


One of the things that the new release is going to improve on includes a rejuvenated networking support which is made possible by patching “docker inspect,” “docker ps,” and “docker port”commands that report the wrong port and also fixing the stale endpoint problem for overlay networks which usually occurs due to not well handled reboots.

In an attempt to make the Docker 1.11.2 play nice with Canonical’s new Ubuntu Linux Operating system Xenial Xerus, the new release will fix support for running 32-bit binaries found in the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS desktop operating systems and also improves devicemapper support for CentOS Linux series by patching a “hang” issue with the “docker ps” command.


Docker 1.11.2 did not just come with new features, it also caters for a long list of bug fixes as well as support for support for the ARM64 (AArch64 / ARM 64-bit) instruction set architecture, support for using a SOCKS proxy, support for external credential stores, and support for sending logs to Google Cloud.

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