Fedora Linux 24 Operating System Coming Soon

One of the most renown Linux desktop operating systems Fedora has been under heavy development during past few months and the development team is happy to announce that the build is almost done.

The free and open source operating which was formerly called Fedora Core and extensively sponsored by Red Hat Foundation has played centre stage in the advancement and development of the whole Linux community.

The eagerly awaited Fedora 24 Linux Operating system will come to users with Kernel from the 4.5 stable series, three different desktop environments – the latest GNOME 3.20, Xfce 4.12, as well as KDE Plasma 5.6.


Other additions will include top of the line core components as well as new and refined software like Mozilla Firefox 46.0.1 and Libre Office 5.1.3.

With Fedora 24 scheduled for release on the 14 of June and attention has shifted to the next release which will be Fedora 25 and since Fedora Rawhide which is the development channel of the GNU/Linux distribution under the guidance and financial muscle of the Red Hat Foundation has already contained the packages of the next big release. The foundation has set the date for the launch of Fedora 25 on November 8 2016.

The next milestone for the release schedule of Fedora 25 is the deadline for the proposal submission of system changes which includes the upcoming features expected on the distribution.

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Some of the most notable changes expected to feature in Fedora 25 includes the replacement of Udisks and in its place will be the storaged project for accessing and manipulating disks and other storaage devices.

“Storaged extends UDisks2 API by exporting several enterprise features (in the form of plugins), such as LVM2 and iSCSI. The main motivation of this change is to provide the unified D-Bus API for all the clients who are willing to manage LVM2, iSCSI, Btrfs, BCache, LSM and ZRam.”

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