Bio-metric Authentication Might be Coming to Ubuntu Touch Mobile Operating System

Canonical isn’t done yet with its renown Mobile platform as the company is planning on adding some killer features to the Ubuntu Touch Mobile Operating system.

At the moment, though, Ubuntu Mobile phone and tablet users are greatly enjoying the new top of the line features that came to all supported Ubuntu devices and it includes that most talked about feature which came to Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition handset.

The feature which is called Miracast around some corners of the tech world brings the much-needed ability for Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition phone users to be able to connect their devices to an external display and enjoy all the features that come with the phone with the aid of a mouse and keyboard.

Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu

According to a reported posted by Łukasz Zemczak’s who is a team member working on the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system, the focus has shifted to the next OTA which will be number 12 and it looks like the long-awaited fingerprint scanner feature will be heading to all supported devices very soon.

meizu pro 5

“OTA-12 landing velocity still rather low, with only a new bugfix release of ubuntu-UI-toolkit and a cherry-pick crasher fix for xc. Our developers are currently busy with either pending features such as the fingerprint reader or helping out in our xenial-targeted initiative,” says Łukasz Zemczak, Canonical Foundations.

Biometric authentication will indeed be a killer feature should Canonical decide to implement it in its upcoming OTA-12 but at the moment the only device that would support this feature is the Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition, the same device that supported Wireless display technology.

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