Linux Kernel 4.7 is Out in The Wild

With the Linux Kernel 4.6 out of the way, Linux Torvalds has began work on the next Kernel candidate which will be version 4.7 of the widely used software.

This new project from the founder of Linux will cater for atleast seven to eight release candiates (RC) before hiting the stable channel which expected to occur around the middle of the month of July if everything goes to plan.

As Linus Torvalds continues to build the next channel which so much work left before its done, he and his team manage to deploy the second release candidate (RC2) and brings much needed improvements to core componenets and fixes a lot of the annoying bugs reported by users of the first release candidate.

Some of the most notable mentions includes updated drivers and architecture changes, then improvements to various filesystems, an updated networking stack, as well as the usual core kernel and mm fixes.
Linux Kernel

Though the new release is expected to cater for a large number of new features and already has taken care of most of the annoyances reported by users, there is still a lot of work left to be done for the second release candidate of Linux Kernel 4.7 which includes the conitnues regression of the NFS filesystem which according to Linux Torvalds should be fixed in the next RC.

“There’s still a known nfs regression pending, but nobody outside of some explicit stress-testing seems to have noticed, so I made a rc2 release despite knowing of the problem,” says Mr. Torvalds.

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