Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” Beta Build is Now Available for Download

Work has been progressing rather nicely for the Linux Mint team as they assemble the best available technologies in the GNU/Linux platform to bring to its users.

The highly awaited Linux-based operating system which has been given the codename “Sarah” by its developers has reached its beta stage that has been pushed to the official testing channels for beta testers and early adopters.

At the moment, both versions of the Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” operating system which includes both the Cinnamon and Mate editions  will come for 32 and 64-bit machines.
Linux Mint 18 %22Sarah%22 Beta Build is Now Available for Download

The Linux Mint 18 Beta Cinnamon Edition is expected to come with Cinnamon 3.0 desktop environment as its default DE while the Mate Edition has been moulded around Mate 1.14 Desktop environment as it’s default session.

The development of the Linux Mint 18 GNU/Linux operating system began some months back and during that time, the team have been tirelessly working on adding the needed software and features to make the Mint OS a standout distro in the Linux Community.

The beta ISO has gone through numerous internal testing and it looks like it is ready for the masses especially those that like to get their hands dirty with unfinished builds.


The final finish version of Linux Mint 18 is expected to be released around the end of the July if all testing have been completed and all bugs reported in the beta release have been squashed.

The new Mint Linux-based operating system will be based off Canonical’s latest desktop OS which is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus meaning most of the core components will be the same including the long supported Kernel 4.4 and the team will add a new look and feel by using the Arc GTK Theme and Moka icons.

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