Packaging Apps On Ubuntu is Now Made Simple by Canonical’s Snap

We are sure you can agree with us that packaging your applications using on Linux proves to be a headache talkless of distributing them. Well, this is where Snap comes in as it helps you do both with less stress and quicker than ever on your Ubuntu desktop through a Snap Package.

SNap Package

The Ubuntu Core Engineering Manager at Canonical, Jamie Bennett also believes that “Distributing applications on Linux is not always easy. You have different packaging formats, base systems, available libraries, and distribution release cadences all of which contribute to the headache”. Now however, “we have something much simpler: Snaps.”

Designed by Canonical, Snap is one application packer that doesn’t need dependencies as it runs isolated and it is very secure as well. Its uses snapd and snap-based runtime environment as well as the Snapcraft tool which is used to package applications into a Snap format for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

SNap Package

For now, the snap package format would not be compatible with any other distribution that isn’t based on Ubuntu. However, the fact that the Ubuntu 16.04 doesn’t come with supports for the new Snap package might just be an added advantage to the Snap for easy distribution of Linux applications as highlighted by Canonical.

To get yourself more acquainted with how the Snap works on your Ubuntu-oriented personal computer, you can head over to the Ubuntu developer website where you would be exposed to a tutorial for Electron-based applications as well as some examples for packaging both simple and complex applications.

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