Second Phone to Feature Jolla’s Sailfish Mobile Operating System on It’s Way

Jolla might be seeing its vision for the company’s Sailfish OS coming to fruition as the second phone to feature its Linux-based mobile operating system that is not specifically built by Jolla is being prepared for launch.

The Finnish start-up company which is orchestrated by former employees of Nokia recently stated that it is done making hardware and instead focusing its efforts on bettering the company’s own Sailfish Linux mobile-base operating system by making it good enough to be licensed out to other hardware companies.

About a year ago, a company called Intex launched the first phone to feature the Sailfish operating system that doesn’t come from Jolla and now a Russian OEM is said to be preparing to release a device its calling Oysters SF.


The handset is powered by MediaTek’s MT6753 ARM Cortx-A53 octa-core processor which is coupled with 2GB of memory and 16GB of internal storage with the inclusion of a micro SD card slot.
This display is a 5-inch IPS panel and the phone will draw power from a 3,000mAh battery.

The main camera houses a 13MP sensor and the front facing camera has 5MP, the phone will support dual-sim configuration and caters for both GSM and LTE networks.


The Sailfish Operating system that is going to be featured in the handset comes with a unique user interface which relies predominantly on navigations and gestures. There are certain Android apps that are compatible with it and also Jolla have developed a native software for the Sailfish.

The operating is based extensively on the Meego and Maemo Linux-based operating systems which were first developed by Nokia in collaboration with Intel before Nokia opted to use the Windows Mobile platform instead.

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