Windows Lookalike ChaletOS 16.04.1 is now Out in The Wild

Since the inception of Ubuntu, we have seen quite a number of other different operating systems based on the aforementioned OS make way to the tech world and amongst these is the Ubuntu-based operating system called Chalet OS which is created by Dejan Petrovic.

Although we are still waiting for the ISO image of this operating system to be announced, we have received news that its creator, Petrovic has already started uploading the new ISO image online and in no sooner than later, the ChaletOS 16.04.1 would be up for the taking.


Following the normal order of software uploads and updates from different creators, all eyes are fixed on the distribution’s website which is where most of the users are expecting to see it, nonetheless, the images are being uploaded on the SourceForge page and currently, the 64-bit version is ready for download whereas the 32-bit images would be available pretty soon.

This new updates would most likely be featuring patches and bug fixes alongside new changes made as a result of the major issues users have reportedly faced during the past month. However, to enjoy the wholeness of this updates, you would have to install all the updates available from the software repositories.


At first look, you wouldn’t be blamed if you mistook the ChaletOS for Xubuntu as they are pretty much alike giving the fact that the ChaletOS is aimed at giving you an almost windows experience on an Ubuntu operating system.


This is why the ChaletOS is based on a more modern GNU/Linux distribution rather than Canonicals’ soon-to-come Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS which is expected to be released in the latter part of July. With the GNU/Linux distribution, you would be able to get a familiar interface giving you that windows vista, Windows 7 or Windows 10 feel.


This OS is pretty easy to use and it is very customizable as well giving you the chance to add and resize icons. To get this OS up and running on your PC, the requirements are simple as all you need is an LCD display of 768 x 1024 resolution or above, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of ROM, and your CPU must be running on at least 1GHz.

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